Aaah, I just love the Filipino humor

15 Funny Filipino Stereotypes

15 things foreigners usually assume about Filipinos. Yes, Filipinos, not Philippinos.

Only in da Philippines :-) sign referes to Mc Donald's #1 rival - Jollibee

Only in the Philippines Context: There's a very popular hamburger chain in the Philippines called "Jollibee" using a bee as a mascot.

asian memes - Asian humor and problems being Asian

Funny pictures about Asian Peace Signs. Oh, and cool pics about Asian Peace Signs. Also, Asian Peace Signs photos.

Banana Language. Minions thi can help u when u watch the movies and BTW their making a new one and its said To come out in 2017 or 2018 the date has not been picked!

35 Funny Minion Wallpaper <<< why does it look like they're flirting with each other or something? That or one of them farted, my money is on the minion

The quote reads, "Filipino lives matter, because who's going to make the lumpia?" ---

Filipino Lives MatterThe quote reads, ‘Filipino lives matter, because who’s going to make the lumpia?’ It’s funny but seriously sad, if you get the pun.

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