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Spiral Goddess Decal. A timeless and fertile symbol of the sacred feminine with deep meaning for pagans of many paths.

A timeless and fertile symbol of the sacred feminine with deep meaning for pagans of many paths.

Lotus, represents eternity, purity, divinity, and is used as a symbol of life, fertility, ever-renewing youth. The lotus is used to describe feminine beauty, especially female eyes. The metaphysical analogies compares the lotus' perennial rise to faultless beauty from a miry environment to the evolution of consciousness, from instinctive impulses to spiritual liberation. #lotus

The lotus, a symbol of life and the lifelong journey in search for spiritual enlightenment. It represents the progress of one's soul. The growth and protection of purity in wisdom, mind and heart. Luv this sketched lotus, make an awesome tat!

A symbol of blessing, fertility and protection  The seed of life is a symbol for the days of creation. It is treated as a stage in the process of creation of the flower of life - a geometrical shape that symbolizes the whole universe.  The seed of life is used in all religions. It is found in  Synagogues, Churches, Kabbalah books, prayer books, and of course, the ancient Osirian temple in Abydos, Egypt. http://www.ka-gold-jewelry.com/images/products-800//seed-of-life/sol-inlaid-g3.jpg

The Seed of Life Pendant Gold With Gemstones intention: Foster new ideas, and find protection during pregnancy

blessed <3

He is faithful! Luke (NKJV) 45 Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord.

Flor de Loto es un símbolo de la belleza , la fuerza y ​​la gracia. La fuerte…

Lotus Blossom is a symbol of beauty, strength, and grace. The strong stem's connection to the flower represents an eternal, unbreakable bond between two people. Lotus flower means "overcoming all difficulties"

viking "where there is a will, there is a way"

Viking symbol that means, 'Where there's Will, there's a way' (Donde hay voluntad, hay un camino)

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During Pregnancy

hey guys so I am starting ivf next month and I really want a fertility tattoo.