tutorial for making your own feed bag tote.  my momma bought me one from the bozeman farmers market for christmas!

Christina, Do you buy chicken feed in bags like this? Fresh Eggs Daily: DIY Make your own Feed Bag Market Tote Tutorial

DIY Chicken Feed Sack Tote.   * So cute!  These bags could be recycled from so many things, depending on how lightweight, heavyweight or stretchable you want one to be.  *

DIY: Chicken Feed Sack Tote -- I'm guessing you could use any plastic feed bag~ this is great. Horse feed and dog food bags.

Feed sack tote bag...which should I start with first; cat food, dog food, oats, corn, lamb feed, horse feed?  :)

Feed Bag Tote Bag

I have seen these made with cat & dog food sacks, they are adorable! Grocery tote bag - great way to reuse all those chicken feed bags!

Feed bag tote. Good clear instructions and pics. She makes handle 22" long and cuts then 3" wide w a three way fold.  You could make boxed corner deeper than suggested 4". Sew corners once finished on outside to strengthen stand.

The sewing machine is already out and I have feed bags.Fresh Eggs Daily®: DIY Make your own Feed Bag Market Tote Tutorial

Feed Sack Bag Tutorial to get square bottom // deer corn feed sack feed bag-- DID it! Awesome! Saw them at craft fairs for $10...which is about half the cost of the feed anyway. I've got chickies to feed, so might as well use the sacks when they are empty.

Feed Sack Bag Tutorial to get square bottom bag - this is a wonderful tutorial! I don't have chicken feed bags yet, but I used dog food & cat food bags.

DIY grocery bag-made out of feed bags!

This DIY grocery bag is one of the sturdiest you can find—and best of all, it reuses the bags your chicken feed comes in.

Tutiorial...I can't believe I found this. My friend was just telling me about this. Dog, bird, or even cat food bags upcycled to reuseable shopping bag.

Grocery Tote Bag Made Out of 40lb Birdseed Sack