Raspberry trellis                                                                                                                                                     More

Raspberry supports - an idea for a fence in the side yard.it's a win win boys are fenced in and I get to eat raspberries

Old Gate - Many farms/yards had old metal gates separating the house and yard from the rest of the property.  If you were on the farm the gate and fence kept the chickens, geese, ducks etc. out of the yard around the house.  I repurposed and old gate like this and put it in my front flower bed with a floral wreath hanging on it.  Wonderful way to repurpose!

Inside an Ohio Farmhouse

Recycled Gate-reminds me of the gate my grandma used to have at the ranch

I mitt paradis: Grindar på plats

I mitt paradis: Grindar på plats - driveway yard needs to be this wide, with entry wider. Building in back here would really be a retaining wall to gabion fence above, and maybe a water drain design to the left to go further downhill.