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15 Dark Fantasy Writing Prompts to Help Spark Your Imagination

A collection of dark fantasy writing prompts for the writer looking to practice, or who needs a little inspiration. Use these to craft your next story, or as a writing exercise. All prompts are my own - so you may use them as you like

Fantasy Writing Prompts-Feb2017-Two thousand warriors drew their swords for a war they would not win.

Fantasy Writing thousand warriors drew their swords for a war they would not win. "For they were facing the Gods but they knew they were setting the stage for something much greater"

Fantasy Writing Prompts-Mar2017-The trees whisper a warning of the approaching forces.

"The trees whisper a warning of the approaching forces." Giant turned his head in her direction, his eyes glaring their golden irises. "You speak of the enemy so plainly. Are you not afraid?

10 Fantasy Cliches and Ideas to Change Them

10 Fantasy Clichés and Ideas to Change Them


Fairy tales.

writeroftheprompts: “We all know those tired clichés. It’s time to kill them. Take one of them and turn them on their heads or at least these will hopefully keep the errors out of your writing. If you think of any other way to change them up go right.

Writing prompt: They are afraid of me. I don't blame them. I am afraid of myself…

They are afraid.

Kira, probably. All her friends show slight fear when they first witness her powers except for Ciara, who is captivated and amazed.

Writing Prompt I like where my imagination goes with this one...I feel a new piece coming on...

Fantasy Writing Prompts-Jan field was covered in various weapons and pieces of armor, but no bodies. Not a single drop of blood.

I'm trying to decide right now whether izzy ends the war in his last moment, or Dayln in her rage when she finds his broken body                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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I mean, hey.... Sometimes a god just needs a nanny/companion for their newest addition to the family tree.  What'cha gonna do? Say 'no'?

I say naah but favor for favor? I wanna visit my village and make them think I'm your best friend now. So basically I wanna scare the crap out of them for doing somethung so cruel.

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