Strengthening Family: Creating a Family Mission Statement |

Strengthening Family: Creating a Family Mission Statement. I recommend taking it a step further, and write a "a family bill of rights" and a family goals for the year. The list is endless - when the family works together.

Family therapy - counselling techniques::: good reminder of what I learned in school

Family therapy - counselling techniques::: some questionable sources (ie Wikipedia) but a good general overview

4 Activities with Balloons that promote team-work, group cohesion, attunement, communication, problem-solving, conflict-management, etc. Families can do these fun activities at home too! Balloons are cheap/accessible!

Juggling Issues: In a family session it is common for the topic of discussion to snowball as family members bring up multiple subjects at on.

Rules for having calm discussions about disagreements -- "Fair Fighting Rules"

Laura McLaughlin is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed mental health counselor who offers equine assisted behavioral health services including psychotherapy, equine assisted EMDR, clinical supervision and consultation services.

Solution Focused Therapy: Key Principles and Case Example < interview w/Denise Krause from the UBSSW

Interview with Denise Krause, a Clinical Professor from UBSSW about how to use Solution Focused Therapy with your clients.

Genograms: How to Use them With Your Therapy Clients

Genograms: How to Use them With Your Therapy Clients and for self of the therapist development to explore family of origin

A Guide to Structural Family Therapy

A Guide to Structural Family Therapy

Structural Family Therapy (SFT) is an approach that focuses on the family structure, its interactions, and its hierarchy—in order to influence change in individuals and the entire family.

Standard symbols for genograms.  This always helps me map out what's going on when I do family therapy.

Standard symbols for genograms. This can be helpful for mapping out family relationships for client/family. Very annoying tho

family-values-and-rules-worksheet.jpg 553×800 pixels

I talked a lot about establishing family values and shared rules in another post. I thought a worksheet might make actually establishing these very important

Can family meetings really work? Try these ideas!  *I actually like this question up on the board as "Chalk Talk" and let the kids write their responses throughout class

Family worship: i love this question for family meeting! Gives us family goals for a week!