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This image is so creative using the flower as a tutu. I like how the colors in this image are very warm and there is a little bit of orange in the flower. It helps the image how the flower is in focus but everything else is blurry.

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Elaine Zelker Photography Senior Portraits : Korinne 2014 - Elaine Zelker Photography flower skirt I wanna take this of el

1. 마차를 끌고 있는 하마 (1924년)[이하 사진=demilked.com]2. 27세 때 찰리 채플린 (1916년)3. 금주법 시행 시절, 적발된 불법 주류를 거리로 쏟아붓고 있다 (1929년 디트로이트)4. 스웨덴이 좌측 운전을 우측 운전으로 처음 바꾼 날 아침 (1967년)5. '방독 유모차'를 끌고 있는 여인 (1938년 영국)6. 프린스턴 대학 1학년과 2학년이 격렬한 눈(雪)싸움을 벌인 후 '찰칵' (1893년)  7. 처음으로 공개된 '자유의 여신상' 머리 부분  (1885년)8. 집을 지키기 위해 무장한 106세 아르메니아 할머니 (1990년)9. '피부 이식 수술'에 성공한 월터 여. 당시 피부이식 수술은 도입된 지 얼마 안된 첨단 기술이었다 (1917년)10. 공습으로 무너진 집 앞에서 소녀가 인형을 끌어안고 있다 (1940년 런던) 11. 군생활 하는 엘비스 프레슬리 (1958...

Austrian boy receiving new shoes after WWII. "New Shoes" by Gerald Waller, Austria Six year-old Werfel, living in an orphanage in Austria, hugs a new pair of shoes given to him by the American Red Cross. This photo was published by Life magazine.

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japanese school children on the way or back. in japan, kids walk to the school with a group of children who live nearby or friends unlike parents in the uk give them a lift. photo by Hideaki Hamada.

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Vietnam is known for its cargo bikes, but these delivery men and women in China make the pedalers of Saigon look like pansies. Photographer Alain Delorme became fascinated with the bike haulers of China

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An upside down kiss.. @Diana Avery tyler is this what we were trying to find that one time?!

Framed seperately on wall. This but with wedding dress and tux or as engagement photo/save the date!


One of the best parts of early summer in Italy are the sunflowers. They go on for miles." I LOVE SUN FLOWERS and I would love to go to Italy.