Cena de gala con los representantes de Hungría. No solemos verla con falda larga, por eso cuando lo hace, nos llama la atención. Es una prenda que le favorece y en la cena de gala que celebraron en honor a sus huéspedes húngaros en 2009, lució una con brillo y marcada en la cintura con un maxi cinturón, acompañada de una camisa básica blanca con fantasía en escote y puños.

40 looks para Letizia Ortiz

M verde fantasía patchwork arte pop reciclado falda larga

M verde fantasía patchwork arte pop reciclado falda larga

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Fit for a formal occasion, the Women Tulle Maxi Skirt by TEVOLIO™ has regal qualities. The tulle skirt with satin waist flatters your waistline and takes it to the level of a formal skirt.

70s-style patchwork swirl broomstick skirt. Reminds me of the character Star from the Lost Boys.

Really pretty- kind of boho and flowy, love this one Algodón Patchwork falda Extra larga -

Vintage fashion that inspires us. Such a beautiful fashion choice for millions of women.

For The Love of Pete People, Give CREDIT Where Credit is Due

Contrarian ONE by Babs Bibb Maxi Dress | #Chic Only #Glamour Always

ONE by Contrarian Babs Bibb Maxi Dress This dress is absolutely stunning. The next occasion I have to wear a formal gown, this is it.

Chanel Haute Couture ● SS 2015 ~ Ⓣнεα

French luxury fashion house Chanel presented their new and highly anticipated Haute Couture spring/summer 2015 collection in Paris.

make a fairy skirt with a tattered hemline. This is for a doll's skirt,  but you can do the same thing to your own skirt! How awesome is this for LARPing DIY huh!?! You can even do the painting if you wanted to!

make a fairy skirt with a tattered hemline -- this is a tutorial for a BJD skirt but the technique could still be applied to a human-size skirt

Gypsy boho fantasy long and wide skirt. Made from recycled clothing. Remade and reused. Hippie folk gypsy boho style. Perfect to gypsy dance. One of a kind. Size: M-L Waist line (uper hips I you want wear it lower) 31-40 inches (79-102 cm) stretching Hips line max 47 inches (120 cm) Length 37 inches (94 cm)

S-M Hand painted snowflakes denim lace boro appliqued recycled knee skirt hippie boho style

Carolina Herrera Spring 2016

Carolina Herrera Spring 2016

Carolina Herrera's 2016 styles focus on the feminine with skirts in varying lengths and pleats that are shape forming lines in the designs.