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Como ponerse un Pareo de formas diferentes y...Como hacerlos

MANGO - Макси-юбка с разрезом сбоку

Макси-юбка с разрезом сбоку - Женская

Slightly flared maxi skirt with a vent on the side creating an asymmetric effect.

6 different ways to tie a sarong dress and pareo skirt for the beach

Among the advantages of the pareo is its versatility that turns it from a simple scarf into a real beach wear, depending on how you tie a sarong dress.

#Sarongs are the perfect must have when you plan in going to a resort, a holiday vacation going to the beach or anytime you plan to go for a swim. It's just the perfect cover-ups for bathing suits. ...

Different Ways to Fashionably Style a Sarong

sealaura: style passport & sealaura - need to find a how to for this especially the middle one

Shrug Flowy and carefree, it hides those little imperfections gracefully and tastefully.

6 способов использовать парео

6 diffrent ways tie a sarong (pareo) - wear it as a dress, skirt, halter top, and many other ideas.

Theodora & Callum Casablanca Tie All Scarf, $175,  Special thanks to Hotel Americano.

4 Innovative Ways to Wear a Chic Summer Sarong

Harper's Bazaar how to wear a chic summer sarong. Click through for the step-by-step guide.