Fairy tail lessons #anime #manga

And above all fairy tail taught me that friendship is the most powerful thing in magic and there's a endless amount of it.

Fairy Tail children of couples

Fairy Tail children of couples. tbh I feel like Wendy would be gajeel and levys child, just saying

Storm Fullbuster - Fairy Tail Next Generation

Storm Fullbuster - Fairy Tail Next Generation>>> storm is adorable in this pic


Math the correct way! lol ~ you do not mess with L or Erza when they want their cake

DMq3e3VUMAIxRup.jpg (849×1200)

DMq3e3VUMAIxRup.jpg (849×1200)

I really don't know why I found this so funny...

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My kid

Fairy Tail Next Gen, fairy tail ships. Luna Dragneel and Storm Fullbuster Luna has fire powers and Storm's body is made of water and he has ice magic so he can turn his body to ice.