Why did the kid only get 3 correct? He spelled the other ones right and it never said don’t use the ones in the directions

They aren't wrong, if I was that kids mother I'd get hella angry at that teacher

Ever heard about Vampire Bats? Its time to See a Vampire Cat! - Viralomia

Ever heard about Vampire Bats? Its time to See a Vampire Cat!

Anyone else secretly feel like their cat is plotting to kill them? WARNING - Murder Button is installed in different locations on different models of Cat. Some Cats may be equipped with multiple buttons. Please, practice caution when engaging your Cat.

One my all time favorite scenes (Pokémon):

Must. Resist. Tears.

This episode made me cry so bad. Teaching kids what it means to have best friends. (Pokemon) when pokemon episodes were still good. ==> This Is My Ałł Time Favorite Episøde

When I'm hangry

Funny pictures about Current Mood In A Picture. Oh, and cool pics about Current Mood In A Picture. Also, Current Mood In A Picture photos.

Hay que callar y analizar mas, antes de hablar sin control y sin sentido o coherencia

when U be angry, nervious and negative just practice in silence is the best option.

"Ogni minuto che passi arrabbiato perdi 60 secondi di felicita" Einstein

20 citazioni da condividere e conservare per i momenti bui

I've been in the shower for over an hour before....I stopped taking excessively long showers after I found real friends and met my boyfriend :)

shower longer when you're angry about the sex thing. run and gym and long hot shower.

Cameron Stewart, Illustrator & Comic Artist

Girly Pinup Illustration by Chris Wahl (Reminds me of the crazy ass girl off of one of the Kill Bill movies)

William St. Clair,18~ Electricity control and manipulation, technopath ~~dark curly hair and eyes that are a bright, inexplicable, electric blue with mocha skin and a tall and wiry frame. Grew up in a large family in an old farmhouse and was close with them until his power was suddenly revealed. Likes art, theand playing sports in the rain. Dislikes when people insult his and other's intelligence and super sweet foods. He'll find a lot of reasons to be angry soon.

Reece King as Colm! Hi my Name is Colm MacLaughlyn. I'm from a small cottage in Irland but I live in Amerika 'cause of my college!

La mayoría de los enojos se basan en suposiciones antes de explotar analiza las verdaderas razones. César Lozano @Candidman #Frases Frases Celebres Candidman César Lozano Reflexión @candidman

La mayoría de los enojos se basan en suposiciones, antes de explotar analiza las verdaderas razones – César Lozano

The majorities of misunderstandings come from assumptions, before you explode analyze the true reasons.

Voltron and funny -kuva

Yo I was watching this episode with my dad and he literally said if he would shiro, he would have chucked Slav in a wormhole by now xDDD