The Endless Knot  One of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism by Enkhtuvshin Ts, via Behance

The Endless Knot/ The Eternal Knot One of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism by Enkhtuvshin Ts, via Behance

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Chap 2, Part 1: Ankh - a symbol that depicted life. The oval shape at the top was often used as part of a mirror.

the meaning of ankh: eternal life and rebirth also relates to the power of the sun of the 13 most powerful symbols

Snake Eating Itself Symbol | The Cult of Eternity’s Path – Steal this Snake Cult

The serpent represents life and regeneration. In Celtic Mythology, Ouroboros, a serpent symbol, actually eats it's own tail to represent the circle of life.

Symbol for "Soulmates"    Our love is eternal faith....

Father Daughter Celtic Knot tattoo- Represents infinity and eternity because Celtic knots do not contain beginnings or ends.

This collection explores the symbolic power embedded within the geometry of the Cosmos. From orbital patterns of the planets to celestial trajectories of the stars, Cosmic Symbolism reveals the beauty and mystery of the unseen rules of the universe.

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Ouroboros + Enso

Tattoo inspiration: The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, representing the perpetual cyclic renewal of life or eternity.

Sun and Moon Eternal Energy                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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