A Clash of Spooks by Nic Saint

A Clash of Spooks by Nic Saint

Entrusted by Julie Arduini is now on Goodreads. I'd love for you to mark it as a book you want to read. Also, join me in the Goodreads group "Julie Arduini's Surrendering Everything but the Chocolate." We can talk books, writing, and of course, chocolate!

“That was the thing about the world: it wasn't that things were harder than you thought they were going to be, it was that they were hard in ways that you didn't expect.”  ― Lev Grossman, The Magician King

Cover Art for Neverland's Library Anthology - By: Gabriel Verdon (I have linked the image to the artists website) Fantasy Art

Que prossigam, os contadores de histórias, e cinjam ao coração tudo aquilo que amam. Sem receio. Tudo existe. E tudo é verdade. Porque a terra é apenas algum pó sob os nossos passos. - W. B. Yeats, trad. de APS (http://arpose.blogspot.pt/)

Go forth, the teller of tales, and seize whatever the heart longs for. Have no fear. Everything exists. And the earth is just a little dust under our feet. Yeats, "The Celtic Twilight"

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Greenspace has helped name residential property developer Anthology and develop an identity system that uses and patterns designed to look like building blocks and structures.

DIY paper lanterns

DIY House Lanterns

DIY Houses by Night - cut out a picture of a house or castle, carefully cut out windows, and wrap around a flameless candle. So pretty. This would be great to do for friends - with a picture of their house, in black & white or sepia tones

Art Artwork Art director Visual Graphic Composition Poster Design Inspiration  Awesome

" Nicotine Scribblings from A Hammock in the Void" by Rob Plath, - Book Cover Design and Graphic by Gregory Boerum (b. Cover design for a chapbook of poetry available now from 'Good Japan Press'.


Plant Bondage is a minimalist design created by York-based designer Light + Ladder. A collaboration with Fox Fodder Farm, Plant Bondage, an .

Joon Ahn is a concept artist and illustrator working in the video game industry. Joon is currently a Senior Concept Artist at Riot Games.

"by Bringing A Soulful Consciousness To Gardening, Sacred Space Can Be Created Outdoors." - S.kelley Harrell, Nature's Gifts Anthology (photo: Jill Nooney Creates Sacred Space In The Garden With Her Wonderful Rock Stacks)

stacked stones "By bringing a soulful consciousness to gardening, sacred space can be created outdoors.Kelley Harrell, Nature's Gifts Anthology (Photo: Jill Nooney creates sacred space in the garden with her wonderful rock stacks)

By Mark Nichol As, in time, idiomatic phrases become more isolated from their literal origins, writers are more likely to errone…

12 Idioms Commonly Seen with Homonymic Spelling Errors

Edition of 22 January 2016 Freelance Writer, by Robert Medak : News for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Freelance Writers

Structuring Drama Work by Jonothan Neelands. Save 41 Off!. $15.52. Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 2 edition (July 31, 2000). Author: Jonothan Neelands. Edition - 2. Reading level: Ages 11 and up. Publication: July 31, 2000

Structuring Drama Work: A collection of literature anthologies and reference books for Key Stage 3 onwards. A practical handbook for drama teachers and lecturers, youth leaders, theatre workers and anyone engaged in drama activity with people of all ages.

Six years later, and she’s made only a handful of modifications to the 1920s structure—painting the exterior black, the walls vibrant teal and dusty pink, and the floors light lavender. A wood-burning stove in the living room took the form of a “Santa Fe ziggurat.”

Inside an Artist's Funky, New Age California Home

Shop domino for the top brands in home decor and be inspired by celebrity homes and famous interior designers. domino is your guide to living with style.

50 Ideas for Romance Plots for Writers #NaNoWriMo #writing                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Where to find images for your website

50 Romance Plots for Writers A little bit cliche, but you could definitely put your own spin on it.

My Love, Formentera

Sous le soleil de Formentera

I don't know that I could go up, much less come down these steps . but the stairs are beautiful nevertheless // Photograph: Julien Oppenheim