I started this on the night of the finale and I just finished it lol HERE YA GO GUYS  Gravity Falls by http://beccadrawsstuff.tumblr.com/

I'm not crying, you're crying ;>>>GAY CONFIRMED<-----I love this son much, both the picture and the comment <<< these aren't tears!

Goodbye Gravity Falls.  You have been with me through everything. WHY DID IT HAVE TO END??? WHYYYYY

Gravity Falls goodbye note to Dipper. WHY DID IT END<Because Alex Hirsch wanted it to be a summer story, a beginning, a middle, and an end.

This should be made into a movie


What's The Most Underrated Place To Shop For Kids Online?

What's The Most Underrated Place To Shop For Kids' Stuff Online?

How do you summarize the Pines twins' personalities in one Gif?

Roadside Attraction. I loved the whole episode, but yes the bonding between Stan and Dipper was the most valuable part

It annoys me, all this comparing Mabel and Stan when it was Dipper and Stan first with Dreamscape caperers.