Xray problems One of those times when you say "ewwww.....then to the patient...I got what the dr will need to see and he will have to tell you what he thinks BUT DONT MOVE IT!!!!!"

Our 5 favorite nursing memes on Tumblr this week - May 22

Xray Tech Rad Tech Professional Figurine by JudithLynnOriginals, $40.00

"This Xray Technician custom figurine is actually one of my creations. I was pretty excited that the xray she's holding actually came out looking like a real xray.

R is for Radiology .........

Collages - ABC of professions by Anastassia Elias, via Behance. R is Radiologist.


A radiographic method to radiograpicaly study the shoulder of a trauma patient. This method is known as the Neer Method and uses a tangential projection to view the supraspinatus outlet of the shoulder.

Rx de trauma en brazo y manó hecho por molino de carne

X-ray of a meat grinder injury to the arm and hand. don't stick your arm in a meat grinder.

A red blood cell lives for about 120 days within the body

"Facts About Blood Infographic" And this totally explains why they include a mangaka's blood type in interviews and publications, a pretty useless and somewhat personal sounding fact for your fans to know, unless you're asking for blood or an organ transp

Abdominal aortic aneurysm | Radiology Case | Radiopaedia.org

Inccidental finding of a heavily calcified infra-renal aortic aneurysm on the plain x-ray images that were undertaken for back pain. No lumb.

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X-rays; yeah when I broke my hand (not quite this bad, I only broke 2 fingers out of shape) it was VERY OBVIOUSLY broken out of shape but the required an x-ray anyway.