I bet this is why they call it the "Dark Ages" - some sh*t went down back then!

Um yeah well the United States elected a cheeto for president so I would also be frightened to find that out

RIP - Imgur


mine died years ago now it is just a zombie unable to die any further

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Why sleep when you can meme?

His sons, his campaign staff, his closest advisors, yeah...they're all treasonous rat bastards but trump?  Pure as the driven snow.  Let's drive that rat to Moscow!

Trump is guilty and Mueller will prove just that. He already got Manafort, Flynn, Papadapolous. And Trump Jr, "will crack like an egg".

20 Books to read with your students during the US Presidential Elections or around President's Day. Election books for students to learn about the election process, our past Presidents, and so much more. Only at Mrs. D's Corner.

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When President Reagan spoke of Donald Trump, almost makes it seem as if he knew Trump had the makings of an American President ~@guntotingkafir GOD BLESS OUR VETS, GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! ✊ TRUMP 2016

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Someone from Baltimore, Maryland, US posted a whisper, which reads Trump wont win president Trump cant do that can he? you watching the hunger games tonight? I Hope my District wins.

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20 Of The Best Political Memes From The 2016 Race

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US President Barack Obama dances as he arrives alongside Howard University President Wayne Frederick (R) during the commencement ceremony for Howard University in Washington, DC, May 7, 2016. / AFP / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AF

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I still need to check this but it would interesting if it's true

Alabama voters for Doug Jones vs Slave poplations from 1860