Thank you for all the silver pins yesterday, today we're going to do bokeh photography, there are so many beautiful examples out there so happy hunting!

28 Spectacular Examples of Bokeh Photography

Dark Silence In Suburbia

CHLOE OSTMO 'FALLING' - nice installation using Photography (from Brighton Uni degree show I can't find the perfect example but the idea is art that must be viewed from a certain location to be understood. For the community participation art project?

Signos de Puntuacion / Punctuation Posters in Spanish *Bilingual*

Signos de Puntuacion / Punctuation Posters in Spanish *Bilingual

A pack of Punctuation Posters in Spanish, great for Spanish bilingual classes or dual language classes.

Tree-mounted downlights and upward-pointing well lights show off this tree's branch structure and invite people to come out and enjoy the swing. |

All About Landscape Lighting

Lighting not just your home's exterior, but also your yard, can be done for almost no money with solar power -- Must do this in our backyard - beautiful! And it would make summer nights even more magical! I love the big tree!

30 most wonderful and unique lamps to brighten up your home

30 most wonderful and unique lamps to brighten up your home

Wonderful looking reindeer inspired lamp. Using conventional things around the hose like bottles and a dab of creativity can create a work of art. Make your very own lamp! Lamps are very useful things that we get for our rooms.

100 Eccentric Chandeliers - From Deadly Fruit Light Fixtures to Futuristic Stylish Chandeliers (TOPLIST)

100 Eccentric Chandeliers

Art Crystal Chandeliers, custom Art Crystal Chandeliers, art glass chandeliers, art glass sconces by Art Crystal Chandeliers artist Robert Kaindl for Art Crystal Chandeliers collectors.

Good example of tilting suspension

Good example of tilting suspension (Brian: Change mounting points to be horizontal not vertical, could you have car wheels on a tilting motorcycle? You'd need to steer the front wheels and lean!

Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Cross Stitch Pattern - Instant Download PDF

Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Cross Stitch Pattern - Instant Download PDF

Light bulb ‘Toffe Peer’ The light bulb as we knew it has almost disappeared, good for the planet but unfortunate from a design point of view. This design is inspired by the original light bulb and meant for a last time in the spotlight. The design is scalable and excellently suitable for different kinds of…

Modern interior design with plywood brings interesting ideas which beautifully mix with contemporary inspirations and create elegantly simple home interiors

something like this could work well if we go for quite an industrial staircase... not quite as bulky or industrial, but I like the way the lights are all connected with surface mounted conduit

Look! Old Car Headlights Stairway Lighting

Great idea for a car lover or even the garage; headlamp car lights repurposed for interior lighting