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Leonor Varela in "Cleopatra" directed by Franc Roddam. The movie was based on the book "Memoirs of Cleopatra" by Margaret George.

Beautiful...    Egyptian beauty: Nefertiti, as portrayed in the Channel 4 programme Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty

Binge drinking and equal rights in Ancient Egypt: WOMEN IN ANCIENT EGYPT BY BARBARA WATTERSON

There's entirely not enough words in our dictionary to defy the beauty that is Arabic/Egyptian women. My photography captures their essence and flawless beauty

Arabic Eye Makeup in this step by step guide you will learn how to do the ultimate Arabic smokey Eye Makeup and Arabic Eye Makeup tutorial for brown eyes .

Egyptian Woman  John Singer Sargent

The Athenaeum - Egyptian Woman (John Singer Sargent - ) Dark in front of face, light behind head (right) He makes you look at the face.

Traditional Egyptian woman  farmer    I want to know what she is thinking

Souwad, Bedouin market, El Fayoum Oasis, Egypt, photograph by Wayne Eastep.

Egyptian Beauty--

theearthinimages: “ Young farmer lady in a village in Egypt. By Mohammed Hefny ”

Africa | Egyptian woman | Vintage postcard; publisher Lehnert & Landrock.  No 193.

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Mummies and mummy hair from ancient Egypt. | Mathilda's Anthropology Blog.

Mummies and mummy hair from ancient Egypt.

Maiherperi was an Ancient Egyptian noble of Nubian origin buried in the Valley of the Kings, in tomb He probably lived during the rule of Thutmose IV, and received the honour of a burial in the Valley of the Kings, the royal necropolis.