e-cigs JUST AS BAD!Can't believe people still do this!The more you smoke,the…

e-cigs JUST AS BAD!The more you smoke,the more your nerve cells become immune to the pleasure brought on by smoking.As a result,smokers tend to increase their intake

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The war on 'vaping' is misguided: Guest opinion | OregonLive.com

The war on 'vaping' is misguided: Guest opinion

Love how this #infographic utilizes very familiar symbols. The 10 reasons not to start smoking.

10 reasons not to start smoking: Infographic

Funny pictures about Important facts about smoking. Oh, and cool pics about Important facts about smoking. Also, Important facts about smoking.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Although the long-term health effects of electronic cigarettes are unknown, a new survey finds people who use the devices think of them as a safer alternative to tobacco and a means to break the smoking habit.

E Cig Brand Starter Kit E Cigarette Report Approved by the FDA Raises A Million Eyebrows.

ASTRAGALUS - The herb is promoted to kill cancer cells, reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy, help heal burns, protect against heart disease, fight the common cold, and help improve overall weakness. Proponents also claim astragalus can stimulate the spleen, liver, lungs, circulatory, and urinary system, and help treat arthritis, asthma, and nervous conditions. They further claim it can lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

How is breast cancer treated? The American Cancer Society explains in great detail how this occurs.