I made a collage of EDM artists & labels logos

Good morning everyone been a busy weekend one to remember im adding this photo if your fav is here then share!

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This shows the stiff competition in the music festival industry and how research can help each festival gain an edge on each other.

For those of you who don't know what my favorite music genre is #well there you go

Saumg latest album “Running through You” is a mix of dubstep, EDM with classic touch of drum and Bass. I really did not believe that he could again produce another album of such high quality like his previous album “Mind goes Numb”.

EDM fans and other music fans. #music #edm #study

EDM Fans: Not Your Average Music Fan

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Fan Behavior Differs Greatly From That of Other Music Fans

Lograras lo que te propongas, si te esfuerzas y le pones dedicación !!! ❤

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