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Intricate lacy textures combine with dimensionally eerie swirls to create this otherworldly dragon.

Chinese dragon drawing by me :)                                                                                                                                                      More                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Chinese language dragon drawing by me :). *** Figure out more by going to the photo link

Tribal dragon tattoo                                                                                                                                                      More

Tribal dragon tattoo More

fantasy dragon tattoos - Google Search

Fantasy Art by Anne Stokes

Whenever we think of fantasy, we thing of fairies at one end of the spectrum and dragons at the other. Here are 20 outstandingly beautiful dragon illustrations.

my personal interpretation of the traditional japanese dragon

Ancient japanese dragon on Behance, lrg tattoo

watercolour dragon tattoo - I'd love to get one like this, but maybe a little bit smaller

watercolour dragon tattoo For: palette, style, subject, placement

simple #dragon #tattoo on the finger. Not sure of the placement..but love the ink

simple dragon tattoo on the finger. Probably place on middle finger.sweet little tattoo

Image result for simple dragon tattoo search:www.tumblr.com -girl

Dragon Design by Izabeth

35 Unique Dragon tattoo Designs and Meaning – Cool Mythology

35 Unique Dragon tattoo Designs and Meaning – Cool Mythology(Cool Designs Tattoos)

Dando a volta

Dragon tattoo sketch perfect mix of femininity and what's genuinely seen as a masculine tattoo

Dragon tattoo tribal                                                                                                                                                     Más

tribal dragon tattoo design with blue color Something I might want on my back, arm, or calf, but with lime green accents instead of blue Más

The #truth is only embarrassing when we are trying to hide it. And we only hide it when we don’t accept it as truth. -Spirit Science #awareness

Beautiful Yin/Yang dragon drawing by Balanced Dragons by ~CryFenril on deviantART

Mythical Creatures

Dragon Eye Tattoo (Alpha) by J-Kings-Art

Front facing dragon

Front facing dragon More

Twilight Dragon -  I want to get a dragon tattoo, and I'm searching for the perfect one :)

Twilight Dragon - such a pretty tattoo :)

dragon_and_wolf_tattoo_design_by_lucky978-d5tujtb.jpg (600×530)this. Kind of placement with my rotten and pit would be awesome!

Tattoo design I created earlier this week. D'awww Dragon And Wolf Tattoo Design