Dragon Roll Sushi.  You'll Need: sushi rice, cucumber, avocado, lemon, nori, shrimp tempura, tobiko (flying fish rose), unagi (eel, opt.)  For topping - spicy mayo (mayo + Sriracha), unagi sauce (soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and sake), and black sesame seeds.

Dragon Roll

Make dragon roll sushi at home with crunchy shrimp tempura wrapped in a sushi roll covered with a layer of sliced avocado.

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Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll Sushi - you can use frozen Trader Joe's shrimp tempura for a short cut

Homemade Sushi: Tips, Tricks, and Toppings

Flawless Avocado-Wrapped Sushi Tutorial - Sushi night is about to get kicked up a notch! Also, try using spreadable cream cheese on the nori.

JAPANESE FOOD / Chef Salvatore Cuomo: Dragon Roll RECIPE

The dragon roll is one of the grandest and tastiest sushi recipes of all time. This post describes exactly how to make the perfect roll.

Eggplant Dragon Roll

Eggplant Dragon Roll

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Black Dragon Roll Sushi They

Amura Japanese Restaurant, located in the Church Street Station, distinguishes itself with its stylish, modern atmosphere. This hybrid sushi-chophouse offers a unique palate of flavors with home-made sauces and fresh picks of the sea.

Rock n Roll Sushi, in Alabama

"Celtic roll" from Baba Sushi, Worcester, MA. Shrimp tempura and cucumber roll, nori wrap, covered with spicy tuna and avocado -holy moly that sounds amazing

SUSHI. (Well, red dragon, green dragon, tuna and salmon rolls, firehouse rolls, tofu pockets, and salmon, tuna, ebi nigiri). What a tray.

Korean Sushi Rolls with Walnut-Edamame Crumble

Sushi is eaten first with the eyes, but our chopsticks can't hold back. Such a beautiful sushi tray. Admire the beauty and color is so many natural things.

Dragon Roll Sushi Recipe-this is awesome...great tips on doing tempura!

Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll Sushi Recipe- Yes this is so good! Had dragon rolls from zen in Lawrenceville and they were delicious!

Step-by-Step Recipe: Inside Out Sushi, Avocado Dragon Roll and Smoked Salmon Roll @Seana McDonald


Step-by-Step Recipe: Inside Out Sushi, Avocado Dragon Roll and Smoked Salmon Roll Seana Norvell Norvell Norvell Norvell McDonald