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~caster character Astaroth illustration by an unknown artist - from 'Finger Knights' Japanese mobile game

if the hair colour was different. she'd look like the long-haired version of my OC Yui

Girl and her dragon. Another pinner claimed the girl looked like her OC.

Character reference -- Half-dragon girl. // #UnknownArtist

Dungeons and Dreamboats VII: Come for the Art, Stay for the Arguments - Page 17

Fantasy art

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Warrior of Dragons.I like this a lot, especially the pose and angle.I can't reconcile with the tail, but I guess if you're going to be demonic, weird things are gonna happen.

Manon Blackbeak and Abraxos | Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas

Frost Dragon, always white with freezing cold venom that they spray instead of fire that kills you from freezing you from the inside out. <-- This last person certainly knows a lot about dragons.

\o/ Commissions complete so far: 1st one is... - Noa Ikeda

Blue dragon wyrm with a tactical mind, natural leadership, a bit of lightning, and aptitude with every weapon she's ever set eyes on.

This is exactly what Alastrine woud wear, it's perfect

wlopwangling: “ Ceremonial by wlop Ceremonial dress design for princess Aeolian (Ghostblade) The original file and painting process video will be provided to supporters on my.