Douglas Booth: 'An Honor' to Play Romeo in 'Romeo & Juliet'

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Douglas Booth  ~ how can someone so young be so sexy??!! sigh

Giacomo Beragetti - exchange student FAMILY: Son of Valentina de Sordia-Beragetti, Boyfriend of Charlotte Rozier

I'm Adrian and I'm a knight of Camelot. I'm 18 and I am strong, caring, kind, and protective. I serve the Royal family and would die for them. I live in the village with my family, I was not born of nobility but now have the title of a knight. I have magic but my mother was an evil enchantress and was put to death, so I don't let anyone know, as magic is outlawed.

I'm Adrian and I'm a knight of Camelot. I'm 18 and I am strong, caring, kind…

Douglas Booth Romeo & Juliet Interview ( UK)

Douglas Booth: Don’t Call Me Handsome

Douglas Booth  "And I won't let you go, Now you know, I've been crazy for you all this time. I've kept it close, Always hoping With a heart on fire"

Douglas Booth’s Romeo Moment

Emma Watson has described Douglas Booth as "offensively handsome." We concur.

Douglas Booth

go see GEO .: : Douglas Booth, the freshest face of this generation (Hercules Magazine)

Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth as prince Guillaume. He paints as a hobby, but untimely stopped due to his duties as future king of Areilia and the looming war

Douglas Booth, just some product and you can get the look

Douglas Booth for VMan 29

Actor Douglas Booth photographed by Bruce Weber, for the cover story of “The Next Gen” issue of VMAN.