The double infinity symbol is part of the 18 essences. It is for acknowledging the balance of Ego and Soul, Matter and Spirit, as they are expressed within the physical form. It is a ball of energy that seeks and cleans energetic blockages and congestion throughout the whole of you.

Double Infinity Revenge Wrist Temporary Tattoo Pack

When i decide to get a tattoo I think I would want a double infinity tattoo, maybe incorporate tattoos about my kids with it.

Double Infinity Tattoo

60 Infinity Tattoo Designs and Ideas with Meaning updated on August 4, 2017

emily thorne temporary tattoos / set of 3 double infinity tattoos / revenge inspired fake tattoo / happytatts etsy

not a tattoo kind of girl but I love this one from the show revenge

If I were to ever get a tattoo it would be this one from Revenge. It stands for double infinity. Gods love for us goes for double infinity

double infinity temporary tattoos stocking stuffer by happytatts

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Infinity tattoo

Already have one infinity tattoo! But would definitely like another one.especially the birds, the three hearts or the double infinity!

Double Infinity Tattoo Designs on Wrist.

45 Cool Infinity Tattoo Ideas

Infinity symbol tattoos are not religious, they are still beautiful and hold a lot of meaning. While some may consider the symbols as belonging to mathematicians

A friendship beyond infinity #doubleinfinity #tattoo #bestfriends

A friendship beyond infinity - cute, but I'd like this smaller and probably on my thigh