French door as a massive picture frame with coat hooks below. Great idea for a long entryway wall.

French door picture frame - this in the hallway with dark grey wall painted - make this photo frame rustic like this photo

Recycle an Old Door into an Entryway Organizer Picture Frame

Pictures freeze the sweet memories forever to be enjoyed. So, if you want to display your favorite pictures in your home, instead of going for regular pict

Old Door Picture Frame Ideas

Old Door Picture Frame Ideas

Have an old door lying around your house? Instead of throwing it away, turn your old door into a beautiful picture frame.

turn reclaimed old picture frame into photo art wall gallery

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door into framed art; could be cool leaned up against a wall like a large mirror

What could be done with these doors?

Old door turned into a photo board. could be done with a window too. and put coat hooks on it? A smaller window with a big picture would be fun too.

couldnt you see 4 or 5 doors hinged together with habitat photos over where the HEB booth was last year? It could be a photo attraction to look at while they are waiting for food or for things to get started.

Old Door Picture Frame! -- Obtain old Window Door -- Sand and Paint if Desired -- Add Pictures -- Add Coat Hooks if Desired -- Hang on Wall