vintage everyday: Dolph Lundgren and Girlfriend Grace Jones Being Superhumans, ca. early 1980s

vintage everyday: From Chemical Engineer to Action Star - Pictures of Dolph Lundgren and His Girlfriend Grace Jones From the Early

Dolph Lundgren...literally the most perfect specimen of man to ever walk the face of the earth.

Dolph Lundgren - yeah I know, he's old now, but back then - Phwroar baby!

Dolph Lundgren Ex3 - my oldest crush.  After all these years he's still got it!

THE EXPENDABLES 3 - 16 Fun Character Posters

...this man. (Dolph Lundgren)

Funny pictures about This man is a real life badass. Oh, and cool pics about This man is a real life badass. Also, This man is a real life badass.

Dolph Lundgren (@Dolph_Lundgren) | Twitter

I like to grab a cup of coffee before a hard workout or a brain-storming session on the set. It helps me perform better. Some research shows that coffee may lower your risks of Type II diabetes. Double espresso macchiato is my favorite!

Dolph Lundgren Sent Sylvester Stallone to the Hospital, With One ...

Dolph Lundgren made an imposing film debut in more ways that simply portraying Ivan Drago, the fierce Russian boxer who challenges Rocky for the world championship. Drago is indeed a worthy successor to Rocky’s previous adversaries, Apollo Creed and Clubb

Drago (Dolph Lundgren)

Ivan Drago - 'must break you'. if you mention the resemblance to Vanilla Ice