Back to school supplies.... Nailed it. Or in this case... Knife-d it <--- don't show this to Peter! Maybe he change his butterknife… what? Too spoon?

39 People Who Had One Job and Failed So Miserably it Hurts

It's a Hunger Games reference. District Two produces all the police and career tributes. So their school consists of learning to kill people. Jokes are a lot less funny once they're explained.

Percy Jackson, Divergent, and the Hunger Games, they left out Harry Potter!

Percy Jackson (Percy and Annabeth) Divergent (Tris and Four) Hunger Games (Peeta and Katniss)<<<< Or, for the opposite gender, knee him in the groin!

i know this is stupid but honestly its still pretty funny you have got to admit :)

Divergent Memes, Funny Pictures, Photos of Shailene Woodley

Im a unicorn. It is actualy not even funny, but it is divergent and thats why i pinned it.

tris divergent | ... Beatrice “Tris” Prior That True Divergent Fans Will Appreciate

Divergent Memes, Funny Pictures, Photos of Shailene Woodley

They should have one with johns face saying "mine faked his death" and him just having a "bitch dont even try" face

Divergent Memes, Funny Pictures, Photos of Shailene Woodley

divergent-the-hunger-games-the-mortal-instruments-meme but lets not forget Rose who's boyfriend tried to kill her multiple times.

hahhaha im currently reading the divergent series and i liked the first book alot but i cant seem to get past the last one. Its just so slow

Thats funny i didnt realize that! i also didnt realize until i reread divergent that in the beginning that she does mention marcus' son being tobias.