This is one of my favorite Disney scenes ever. The song is beautiful, too (and also one of my favorites).

"And at last I see the light. And it's like, the sky is new." probably my favorite disney movie of all time

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Rapunzel had her faith that she was going to get out of the tower and see the world and she didn't know that the king and queen was her parents because she was kid napped when she was baby she had adventures with a person and had so much fun.

Disney and Disney•Pixar Valentine's Day Phone Wallpapers

disneystyle: “All at once everything is different, now that I see you!" Check out Disney Style for more Valentine’s Day wallpapers.

Tangled by forever_and_ever_amen

My first Tangled fanart. I love this movie, because of simple and great story, characters and God, this visualizations! Rapunzel is also . Tangled Dreams about Flying

Fondos de pantallas

My girls will know this picture as soon as I show them ❤️ Beautiful Disney Backgrounds iPhone 6 Wallpaper 19113 - Cartoons iPhone 6 Wallpapers