Disney Silhouettes Elizabeth might like these  Nicole

Cross Stitch Disney Princess Silhouettes perfect for any little girls room It includes Snow White Cinderella Belle from Beauty and the Beast Jasmine from Aladdin Tinker Bell from Peter Pan

fancysomedisneymagic:  by Leah Bubeck The Colours of Disney!

i'd love to do a simple lead pencil drawing at the base of the canvas and then top it with a rainbow of coloured crayons pouring down from the top of the canvas! :) Cute Disney c (Cool Crafts With Crayons)

Disney's "Peter Pan" melted crayon art

Disney's "Peter Pan" melted crayon art, definitely the design for the peter pan tattoo im gonna get!

I LOVE THESE. just need princess silhouettes and contact paper!!!! :D I am going to make one of these...It's official!!

Melted Crayon Art

Print Silhouettes, take the image and cut it out of contact paper, stick it on a canvas, hot glue the crayons to the top and melt the crayons all the way to the bottom. Then peel off the contact paper and touch up some edges with white paint.