How smart! If it fits the design of your home, an over the sink dish rack would be perfect to give more counter space.

Over-the-sink Dishrack

We know, your plates have to dry somewhere. But whoever thinks they need to take up a chunk of valuable counter space to do so is missing out. This nifty rack fits into a nook between cabinets and keeps wet plates out of the way.

Eco friendly dish rack

Personal: Eco-friendly dish rack utilizing wasted water to sustain plants. Utilizes all my wasted water when doing dishes.

super cute doesn't hold silverware though Copper Wire Kitchen Foldable Dish Rack #westelm

Wire Kitchen Foldable Dishrack, Copper

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okay found the actual picture... much better, totally want to do this

Dish Rack in a Drawer - Fine Homebuilding Article Seriously, why hasn't something like this taken off in the main stream? I don't want to see my dish rack on the counter of my kitchen!

Think Outside The Basket With These Creative Dish Rack Ideas

I always see these cheap wooden dish racks in dollar stores and think, "Yeah, right. Like I am going to put heavy, wet dishes on that cheap wood does make an excellent soap display!

Above: A wall-mounted dish rack frees up countertop space; image via ...

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