Diseño de estudio de grabación

what does a really good day at work look and feel like for you? Doing all the task scheduled in my blueprint for this day, smooth and softly, and having afterwards time to enjoy free time.
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WSDG - Acoustic Design and Consulting TEC Award Nominee for MonkMusic Studios, Long Island, NY
This image represents current play, and shows piano and a home studio setup…

Home Recording Studio Setup For Beginners

DIY fully custom built Studio Desk - B&W - Gearslutz.com This is really cool! I would want a larger monitor, but the set up is awesome.
A super easy, super cheap, DIY, wooden, decent looking, sound diffuser design.
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Armário Instrumentos - Ideia boa, mal executada
Vinilo decorativo de notas de música | adhesivos decorativos puertas y neveras
#1 - Produce a Music Track (Strange Pumpkin Studio - Music Production & Recording Studio)