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Costumes - This Sparkle Diva Disco Costume features the sexy silver dress with flared sleeves and the matching headband. Have your date dress in the Silver Glitter Disco Costume for a great couples look!

Disco Couples Costumes - Party City

Disco Couples Costumes - Party City- Our local party stores always have great disco costume options year around!

Boogie Queen Disco Costume - Disco Costumes

Adult Costumes - This Boogie Queen Disco Costume includes the sleeveless jumpsuit made of iridescent black reflective fabric with flared legs and a wide collar, and the matching glovettes.

Girls Disco Diva Costume

Become a dancing queen in our Disco Diva Costume! Disco Diva Costume for girls features a shimmery, swirl-printed mini dress with long bell sleeves.

Iconic Halloween Inspiration: Penny Lane — Hazel + Scout

Iconic Halloween Inspiration: Penny Lane

Nicole Richie welcomed 35 with a fabulous disco-themed birthday party, and her star friends turned out in droves to attend.

Nicole Richie Celebrates 35 With a Groovy Star-Studded Disco Party

Nicole Richie Celebrates Her 35 Birthday With Disco-Themed Bash Attended by Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and