Since you disappear without saying goodbye to... Would you forgive me if I did the same?

It's gonna happen, cuz fuck it. I'm done caring bout everyone else, it's time I get what I want. And all I want is for this suffering to end. The feelings are real ¬.

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Everyone longs for that feeling of wanting to go away & to be left alone. I wish someone would stay cause I'm now always alone

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Previous pinner said: I've pinned this for those of us honest and truthful enough with ourselves that this feeling/thought that overtakes us; but, it doesn't mean we intend to "not-exist" !

this is good advice...and it doesn't mean don't love or don't care - it means be able to love something without dependence or worry that it will disappear to fully enjoy it

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I can't decide what I want the most: to be loved by someone, to find happiness, or to just disappear. This is oh so very true!

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a private life is a BEAUTIFUL life - what isn't shared is often the best part of us.

Yeah I'll disappear from your life eventually. Remember that ~Soph

Sometimes I just want to disappear. Just for a while. Somewhere where no one can find me. Life is so cluttered. I need clarity.

I am going to disappear. Never to be seen nor heard from again. No one will care, I'm so easily disposed of.

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I knew it wasn't real, I still listened to my heart and now it's shattered.