Mason jar lanterns, as far as I can see there isn't actually a tutorial on how to do it...but it seems pretty straightforward. Buy jar. Paint jar.

5 Spaces To Decorate With Our Hand-Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

DIY handpainted mason jar lanterns- this is a link to someone that sells these painted jars. Would be cool to make your own, use in one of the hanging lights made with mason jars!

Minnie Mouse

Simple, good quality Minnie Mouse image- print onto t-shirt transfer paper/iron onto cheap white t-shirt to make Tay's shirt for Disneyland/CA Adventure

Kawaii Tropical Fruits by A-Little-Kitty on deviantART

Historia del Kawaii.

Cute Kawaii Bunny - Japanese "kawaii" is so simply in line and yet so very compelling to me. I cannot help but instantly smile every time I see something like this.

amor dibujos a lapiz - Buscar con Google

Top 10 Best Steps to Deal with Jealousy& Control It

Dobby. Because even if people treat you like you're worthless or like you are nothing, that doesn't mean everyone will, and that doesn't mean you should treat others the same way. You can grow to be a free elf.

Mark Reads 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows': Chapter 23