Diagram of T1 line between serving C.O. and customer premises.

Diagram of line between serving C. and customer premises.

#flower arrangement ... Ikebana ... lily with looped leaves and a couple spiked leaves ... #design

Imágenes de impresionante arte floral japonés

directions to do herringbone tile pattern. HINT FOR MIKE. CHEVRONS.

Specific tips for installing chevron / herringbone tile. Great for vintage bathroom or a cheap kitchen backsplash that's a cut above plain subway tile.

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reina-de-tazas: “ Finally done! Based off a chart that I created for my own reference a while ago; I’ve shared this with a number of folks who found it helpful, so I decided to turn it into a kind of infographic. The more I read about the thyroid,.

Pre-Inca Nazca - The Paracas ‘Trident’ or ‘Candelabra’ is a huge cactus-shaped figure carved into a hillside at Pisco Bay on the Peruvian coast.

The Candelabra, Pre-Inca Nazca Lines, Peru Lots of interesting stuff on this page.

Finally done with some new last minute samples for my stencil class at PIQF this week!

Beautiful stencil work by Gammill Quilt Artist Jodi Robinson! Jodi Robinson with ・・・ Finally done with some new last minute samples for my stencil class at PIQF this week!

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17 Super Basic Eye Makeup Ideas for Beginners 2018

15 Gorgeous Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes (I have green eyes, but this is a great guide for natural application) Eyebrow Makeup Tips

How to free motion quilt woodgrain motif

Free motion quilting sampler block using quilt as you go technique. Post series include tutorials on how to free motion quilt and assembling quilt as you go