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Ophelia would pin this pin because it deals with depression and suicide. It references the historical period of the medieval times and gives statistics on deaths during that period. Ophelia would pin this because the content can further help the reader decide if her death is accidental, natural, or to be ruled suicide.

The spread of ideas through the internet by means of advanced digital technologies occurs at a rate that would have been unprecedented to past generations.

Writing on Depression

Elliot, in a fit of rage, had tried drowning Elliot when she was younger, but she pulled him in the water and jumped out instead.

Woman's Self Portraits From Psychiatric Hospital Show The Reality Of Living With Mental Health Issues

Woman Takes Intimate Self Portraits From Psychiatric Hospital

An insightful blog following a journey through trauma recovery.

Please understand that suicide is not so much about wanting to die but to end the pain! It is an act of utter desperation! Too scared to live, but too scared to die! you don't exactly want to die, all you know is that you dont want to live .

We need to bleed out the sadness at times. NOT LITERALLY

Jenn) I was done with everyone talking shit about me and say all this stuff. I walked to my bath room and I grabbed my raisor and started to cut then I passed out. You were coming over to see if I wanted to hang out when you find me

January can be a hard time of year. Take this test based on one used by medical professionals to see whether you're actually depressed.

Are You Depressed?

The heart says :"am hurting",time replies:" you will get better with me", then finally the mind:" but I will always come back with memories" Ω Cliquez pour écouter.