Destruction & Delirium from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman - Todd Nauck

Awesome Comic Art Picks: Todd Nauck posted some commissions from La Mole Comic Con in Mexico City

Have you ever spent days and days making up flavors of ice cream that no one's ever eaten before? Like chicken and telephone ice cream?...Green mouse ice cream was the worst. I didn't like that at all.~Delirium


In The Sandman Companion, Neil Gaiman Gaiman listed the immediate inspirations for Delirium as postmodern feminist writer Kathy Acker, artist Jill Thompson, and parts of himself.

O que acontece quando se lê muito Sandman

O que acontece quando se lê muito Sandman

The Sandman - Delirium from Neil Gaiman's "Endless Nights", Artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz

Delirium, Death and Barnabas, from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. Art by Colleen Doran.

“From 's SANDMAN. Death and Delirium. Which pretty much covers life in general.