Cocina abierta en un piso pequeño

This is a good way to make a bigger TV look intentional (and less like your husband won over you). Keep it alone on the wall above the console or shelf and hang another shelf above it. (design by Sarah Richardson) - Home Decor Idea

Cocina abierta en un piso pequeño

however, it's inviting and has quite a functional interior design. It is just about the simplest and cheapest interior with this type of a look.

Un apartamento de estilo ¿nor-etnic? nórdico + étnico

Pequeño gran estudio nórdico de 42 m²

This studio apartment is the perfect example of how thoughtful planning and specific furniture choices can make space feel more open and spacious.

Apartamento contemporáneo en Vancouver, Canadá

Positive space is the cushion chairs, shelving, couch and tables. Negative space is the floor and ceiling. They did not do a good job managing with negative space. The room feels small.

68 m² sin pasillos

estilo nórdico decoración distribución pisos nórdicos decorar en blanco…

Blanco y madera en 42 m²

If you have extra "stuff" this is a great solution. IKEA bookshelf with tension rod and curtains. If the buyer wants it as part of the transaction, it does not have big financial consequences.