"DC Universe: Rebirth" One-Shot Cover Released

Today at WonderCon, DC comics unveiled the creative team rebooting their entire universe in their Rebirth overhaul.

DC Rebirth Characters | b010_-_nightwing_rebirth_character_design_by_javi_fernandez

DC Comics: um Renascimento com os pés no chão

What a way to kick-off a crossover! batman, Batman #21, Brad Anderson, dc, DC Comics, DC Rebirth, Flash, Jason Fabok, the button, the flash, Tom King, watchmen

DC Rebirth's "Batman" brings a new answer to the question "Who watches the Watchmen?" as Batman and the Flash investigate the Comedian's infamous smiley face button, which mysteriously appeared one night in the Batcave.

December DC REBIRTH Variant covers 2

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freddytorch: I love the new batsuit. It look’s fucking awesome! I’m so stoked about DC rebirth.

Batman Rebirth by David Finch. I am not his biggest fan, but with Jordie Bellaire on colors and Tom King writing,I'm still excited.

Mera by Joshua Middleton

Un premier lot de variant covers pour les titres Rebirth de novembre

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19 More November DC REBIRTH Variant & New Standard Covers.....////

Here's the first update of our gallery of DC's newly-released variant (and eventually new standard) covers for DC Rebirth titles on sale in November