Jackie switched her kids from daycare to staying at home with a nanny, but she wanted to have a palce for them to do arts and crafts like a classroom. So how did she do it?

Super-Organized Arts & Craft Storage

Diaper & Other item storage . I wont be having that many kids but i would love to do it for my husband and i and our baby once we have one.

Diaper Other item storage I think I am going to use this idea in 2 places, one place is downstairs on bathroom door for extra baby stuff, one upstairs for the big girls school clothing!

Puzzle storage

Creative ways to store puzzles

Puzzles are a staple in most home daycare spaces. I've gathered some creative ways for you to organize the puzzles in your.

Daycare Storage.....DIY! Buy a shelf, attach to the wall sideways and add hooks underneath!

Value Line Wall Locker . The Value Line Wall Locker offers 5 top-mounted coat hooks and 10 storage cubbies.

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IKEA on a Daycare Budget

Ideas for your kids space featuring Childcare Spaces that are using IKEA Products

Holly's Arts and Crafts Corner  Love the look of this.  I'm going to find a space in the art center to put it!

Our New Art Room!!

home day care setup and great sample forms

Running your own home daycare is a job like no other. Sure, a web developer or accountant that telecommutes will need a dedi…

daycare cubbies preschool set up

Teachers' Harvest has wide PVC pipes in stock. With a little work, they'd make great classroom cubbies/mailboxes