Jack of Clubs-Calaveras — Playing cards inspired by the Day of the Dead by Chris Ovdiyenko — Kickstarter

Okay, so I really want a tattoo of a Jack playing card, but where the jack is holding a few different items related to what I do (hobbies/skills) as a kind of 'Jack of all trades' thing.

40 Bloodcurdling Day of the Dead Tattoos

40 Bloodcurdling Day of the Dead Tattoos

44 Day of the Dead Tattoos Gallery! Day of the Dead Tattoos are originating from a holiday (Dia de los Muertos) that falls at the end of October, overlapping with Halloween, and ends on.

Arte popular mexicano romántico cartel los días del tatuaje de rosas muerto imprimir esqueleto par regalo de bodas de nelson de los huesos. Arte de amor gótico de Rockabilly

Mexican Folk Art Romantic Poster Day of the Dead Print Skeleton Couple roses tattoo Wedding Gift by bones nelson. Rockabilly Gothic love art by BonesNelson on Etsy