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Dividing Day Lily

This spring Denise gets busy digging and dividing day lily that has taken over her flower bed.

These Day Lilies grow wild and fiercely here,i wish year round

These Day Lilies grow wild and fiercely here,i wish year round. Fulva, ditch lily, once bloomer but tough and spreads rapidly.

Big Smile Day Lily

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How to plant  Daylilies.~~~~~ pictured: Red Volunteer Daylily (note for foragers: this pin is about planting day lilies, NOT eating them. Be sure to review resources on the edibility of day lilies before eating them...not all varieties are edible)

How to plant Daylilies.~~~~~ pictured: Red Volunteer Daylily Darker colors like more shade, light need full sun. Get red or purple for by garage!

Some of the best plants for late season color are summer-blooming bulbs.

Summer-blooming bulbs keep gardens colorful from midsummer through fall. Find the flowers and foliage that appeal to you and discover some creative ways to use them in your yard and garden.

How to keep stella d'oros blooming all season -- a guide to deadheading lilies

How to Keep Stella de Oro Daylilies Blooming All Season

How To Keep Stella De Oro Daylilies Blooming All Season Long - Parts of the daylily.

Keep on Lovin' - Pete Harry Daylilies... Daylilies Of Distinction

Keep on Lovin' (Smith FR blooms 32 buds Tet. (Grandma's Smile X Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis)

Daylily 'Picassos Intrigue'

Picasso's Intrigue Daylily 2014 Introduction I want this flower!

Yarrow  Not only does yarrow tolerate heat and drought like a champion, but this easy-growing perennial is also a great cut flower -- and deer, rabbits, and most other pests won't touch it. It comes in a number of varieties with blooms in shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, and white.  Name: Achillea varieties  Conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil  Size: To 4 feet tall  Zones: 3-9

The Best Drought-Tolerant Perennials

Asiatic Lily Display An unbelievable assortment of neon colors in these asiatic lilies, in a special exhibit at Longwood Gardens.