Dave navarro

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Dave Navarro of Janes Addiction / INK Masters - Photo by Reverend Vegas(www.reverend-vegas.com) - Xavian in Night Child
dave navarro 2016 - Google zoeken
After seeing Jane's Addiction last night, my Navarro interest is renewed. Made me feel like I was in my 20's again! He's still hot!
Dave Navarro's Tattoos
Dave Navarro for Peta
Jane's Addiction: Dave Navarro by basseca on DeviantArt
sexy, not necessarly "HOT"  its the eyes ,mouth, jaw line , a look (stare) sometimes the voice ( you know, the Sam Elliott commercials)  Sexy is a state of mind .
Damn Dave Navarro
Dave Navarro and Janes Addiction 13
Dave Navarro (photo by Payne Productions)
Bad boy Dave Navarro - Jane's Addiction band, he creeps me out for alot of little reasons aside from being a "prettier than me" man.
Dave Navarro and Janes Addiction 19