what could have happened if Jack Frost listened to Pitch Black.... NOOOOOOO

K I actually have a fix were pitch gives jacks sister dark powers to get to him and I just think that that is awesome.

we all have darkness in us and im the dark in jack the part theat keeps getting stronger and strounger i am Dark Jack Frost..

JackFrost) by *KT-ExReplica on deviantART What form of Jack Frost is this?

rise of the gardians blackice | Pitch/Jack - The Dark Arrow_Second Volume by Breetroad on deviantART

Pitch/Jack - The Dark Arrow_Second Volume [First Volume] - [link] [Last Volume] - [link] It's a Pitch/Jack medium-length comic. Actually I divided into . Pitch/Jack - The Dark Arrow_Second Volume

Jack Frost Evil. I wish they would make a movie where Jack Frost turns evil or something, like rise of the guardians 2. -PCW

Hello I'm Jack Black.Son of pitch black unlike my enemy Jack Frost I create black frost just like my dad said what's better than cold and dark.