The Shiny Squirrel

Fashion & Style Inspiration: Women street style - make your outfit pop using complementary colours like this blue T-shirt and orange skirt. From "A Week of Outfits" (Sarah Ali Pacha).

"Formal Grunge" by demotthan ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Manon Baptiste, Casetify, Wood Wood, Larsson & Jennings, River Island and Gorgeous Cosmetics

I already own a dress, hat, and booties like this. This is an outfit I would typically wear.

Pinched this picture from the lovely @callyjoart looking marvellous in her TGF collection. Her pendants from top to bottom are the Small Anatomical Skull the Candy Skull the Kudu Skull and the Large Skull & Snake. Her rings to the left from top to bottom are the 3D Skull & Crossbones the Large Fleur de Lis and the Smallest Evil Skull. And lastly on the right she is wearing the Medium Anatomical Skull Ring and the Spider Ring #thegreatfrog #thegreatfrogla #callyjoart

Represent the people you LOVE 🖤 are without a doubt the baddest of badass jewelry makers! I would never post about a brand I didn't truly love or don't actually use or wear on a daily - is the only way 🖤🖤🖤