I feel like she would be perfect as manon of the blackbeak witches clan from the Throne of glass series.

MYTH Masque Inspiration: 'Should I Die Before I Wake' ~ Photography/Post: Geoff Jones Make-up/Styling/Model: Below Dark Water

darkbeautymag: “ Photographer: Nicole Burton - Parvana Photography Model: Houieda Chaymouni ”

Dreamlike Surreal Photography by Nicole Burton

Photographer: Veda Wildfire

The Zodiac Signs Personality Test

DEVIL In Mesopotamian mythology Mamitu was the (sometimes) goat-headed Goddess of Destiny, who decreed the fate of the new-borns. She was also worshipped as Goddess of the Oath, later a Goddess of Fate and a Judge in the Underworld.

Marcin Nagraba – Lake of the Tears

Marcin Nagraba – Lake of the Tears

Theory Of Disease — darkbeautymag: Photographer: Marcin Nagraba