I'm Raven Dessanir and I'm 16. I don't attend school and I don't have to eat or sleep, because I was an experiment of my father's gone horribly wrong. I used to sing and compose music so I could forget about all the things that are wrong with me. Recently, I stopped singing and have retreated into my own cocoon of darkness and I want to meet someone who will really understand me.<this is NOT "Raven" THIS IS HOMURA AKEMI FROM MADOKA MAGICA!! DONT GO MAKING STORIES ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES ART

I slowly stagger away from them as they gape at me in shock. See, this is why I don't keep friends or trust people. An experiment subject.

You can hear the blackness circling your brain like so many delicately morose thoughts. You allow a few minutes wallowing then you shatter the dark wreath. For a moment you feel.

Ouran high school host club: new girl - New trouble