Rowboats perched along the ship’s side, and our beloved red and white Dannebrog waved to everyone from high in the air. Many passengers already milled about on deck while awaiting our departure.

My Danish college room mate decorated with Danish flags. Danes enjoy free healthcare and free education through college. Denmark consistently ranks among the happiest nations on Earth.

Denmark is Europe's oldest kingdom and its flag - the oldest European flag -  was officially adopted in 1625.           The red flag with a white cross is known as the Dannebrog, or Danish Cloth. According to Danish legend, the Dannebrog descended from the skies during a battle in Estonia on June 15, 1219.

This is a picture of the flag of Denmark. I chose this picture because it relates to the play in that every scene in the entire play takes place in Denmark.

Dannebrog and a 'Pølsevogn' , Copenhagen, Denmark


Dannebrog and a 'Pølsevogn' in the background.,,great pic there with a Danish flag here in Denmark;

Flagkage - Danish Flag Cake                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Flagkage - Danish Flag Cake - inspiration for finnish or swedish flag cake also

Poppy Danish Flag Flower Seeds

Poppy Danish Flag Flower Seeds (Papaver Somniferum) 200+Seeds

Poppy Danish Flag (Papaver Somniferum Danish Flag) - Start Poppy seeds for this showy annual with intensely rich red petals. The petals are frilly and feathered adding greater appeal, and its center h