Daily Inspiration #1192

Another odd concept art for a prosthetic. I'm still thinking about how an artificial eye would work and connect to the brain.

Electronic Eyes - TV Tropes

The Electronic Eyes trope as used in popular culture. Eyes made from electronics. Prevalent in cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk works, occasionally crops up in …

Photoshopped Celebrity Cyborgs

Robot A-List Actresses

2014-12-05 (30).jpg by -Volodymyr K- #flickstackr

camerxn: “ “Crystal Sarcophagus” by G-host Lee “Crystal Sarcophagus” is a machine for dream analysis. This machine will help psychologists and neuroscientists a lot. Zheng Shiya is in it, and she is.

Cyborg girl

Cyborg girl

ArtStation - Artillery NeoEuropa mech ACOX1, Daniele Trevisan

I designed the with the idea in mind of a fast and agile mech equipped w/ a SAM platform ( infra-red, passive radar/ESM system), a CIWS and a frontal ultrasonic cannon. mechs are a sentient type of machine with an advanced autotarget

Los 10 Mejores Cyborgs del Anime [Loquendo] 2016√

Los 10 Mejores Cyborgs del Anime [Loquendo] 2016√